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Welcome to Sichuan Sachuan Aviation Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd!

The development of Sachuan has been connected with the hard working of every Sachuan employee, and also with the encouragement and aids from all social cooperation partners and friends. Hereby to all of them with my highest regards and sincere thanks!

Through several years development, Sachuan has always insisted the technology innovation as enterprise lifeline, and set up the Technical Center of Landing Gear, and also gained the international and domestic quality system certification. Our products have been sold and used around of China, and mainly focused on design and manufacturing of mechanical parts, landing gear, aviation precision fixture, and assembly jig and manufacturing mold for the civil aircraft and aerospace product.

From business starting to today, we have always insisted on “First Customer demanding as & First Best quality” as operation principle, and on “Firming perception, Solid foundation and keeping close relationships with clients” as core of enterprise culture, brought in talented people continuously, and learned advanced knowledge and top technology, and strictly controlled process quality so that the product quality can reach all clients’ demanding.

To like wave against sand for showing true golden, only continuous innovation can keep standing on highland of market. Only if Sachuan people insist on innovation and self-owned brand building, make every effort to make the company prosperous, and exert ourselves constantly, the new images and new future of Sachuan can be created and developed constantly.

With my best regards

Mr. Miao Jian / Chairman

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